How does the Twin Flame runner feel about the Twin Flame chaser?

It is very frustrating at first when the Twin Flame couple confronts the situation; talking about how they feel for each other and explaining the intense feelings of unconditional love that they feel for each other.

The runner Twin Flame gets uncomfortable about hearing what their Twin Flame partner feels and they end up blocking them out of their lives due to the fear of accepting the deep connection that they share.

In the process of putting up a resistance to the Twin Flame bond, the runner Twin Flame sometimes disappears and hides from their divine partner but the physical separation does not change how you feel.

Instead, the runner Twin Flame is always haunted by thoughts of their Twin Flame and the Twin Flame connection keeps growing within them.

More so, the runner Twin Flame also goes through a series of changes in their lives to align their physical life situation with the new Twin Flame feels of Oneness.

The runner Twin Flame is constantly haunted by the intense love connection and they have a void that can not be filled with anything but Twin Flame love.

Even though the runner Twin Flame chooses to have a new relationship with someone new, they always remember how their Twin Flame makes them feel and they always crave a physical reunion.

For more inspiration on your Twin Flame journey, please go here:

I wish you blessings and love on your journey.

Stay Blessed!

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