Does the Twin Flame runner not fear to lose the chaser forever during the prolonged separation phase?

The runner Twin Flame has all sorts of fears and the fear of losing their divine partner is a driving force to their motives during the physical separation phase.

The Twin Flame runner does not entirely disappear out of your life; they tend to be spies in ways unimaginable like stalking you on social media by creating fake accounts, they are always reaching out to your closest friends to have updates about your life and sometimes if it becomes uncontrollable, they tend to reach out to you abruptly before they disappear again.

Your Twin Flame runner knows so much about you because they are always investigating about your whereabouts.

The runner Twin Flame misses the chaser and they are always longing to be close with you even though their behaviors speak otherwise.

It is also arguable that the runner Twin Flame has fears of abandonment and feeling unconditional love makes them feel vulnerable. Vulnerability leaves them open to feeling the pain in case their Twin Flame ever abandons them in the future.

The fear of feeling the hurt from future abandonment by their Twin Flame makes the runner resist the feelings they have for their Twin Flame partner.

Until the runner confronts the fears of abandonment and rejection, they keep blocking their Twin Flame partner.

All in all, the runner Twin Flame has unexplainable fears within themselves that need to be faced so that they can overcome their pain.

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Thank you so much for your book reviews, support and love!

I wish you Blessings and Love!

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