What is the advice for any Twin Flame newbie?

Meeting a Twin Flame is like a beautiful curse because you are always haunted by thoughts of your Twin Flame after the initial encounter and the connection that you feel to them does not dissipate or fade but rather it keeps growing within you every day. 

You will always miss your Twin Flame every minute of the day, and even though you are not consciously thinking of them, your soul is pulled towards them like a magnet.

The void that you feel during the physical separation phase cannot be filled with anything but the Twin Flame love and the easiest way to manage to feel the emptiness is by growing self-love within you. 

Embracing self-love fills you up with feelings of unconditional love and you feel like you are learning yourself in return.

Change is the only constant on the Twin Flame journey and it is important to accept all the changes that happen in your life. You will transform, evolve, and grow into the authentic version of yourself soon or later.

There is no shortcut to experiences the Twin Flame journey; you will have to go through challenging situations, learn very difficult lessons of unconditional love and the more you learn creative ways to deal with your Twin Flame situation, the more you will be empowered within to embrace every aspect of your journey.

After having gone through most of the phases of the Twin Flame journey these past three years, I now understand the difference between Surrender and Healing.

When you Surrender, you are simply letting go of the stress of trying to control the nature of your journey.


Before you finally Surrender, you realize that you are always experiencing the journey through your mind; you try to rationalize every situation especially the behaviors of your Twin Flame.

When you view your Twin Flame situation as the everyday kind of relationship, you get very frustrated that most of your efforts to chase your Twin Flame are fruitless.

You also realize that no matter how sophisticated your chasing tactics are, you keep pushing your Twin Flame away.

The exhaustion from having pointless results when you chase your Twin Flame amongst other things push you to surrender because you feel like you are moving in circles endlessly.

Chasing a Twin Flame is very frustrating and emotionally exhausting because you feel like you are chasing the wind.

Because of the Oneness that you share with your Twin Flame, you are compelled to ground yourself in your energy and face your fears and insecurities.

You also learn that when you chase your Twin Flame, you feel like you are running from a part of yourself because you think that your Twin Flame has all the answers to your problems.

But, since the efforts of your chasing behaviors are fruitless, you finally surrender and let the Twin Flame journey take its course without your neediness to be in charge of it.

Surrendering does not mean that you are abandoning your Twin Flame or giving up on your Twin Flame process but rather, it is a sign of inner strength to ground yourself.

When you Surrender, you have faith and hope that you will eventually achieve your heart’s desires as you trust your experiences to unfold the way they are supposed to happen.

On the other hand, healing is a gradual process that continuously happens within you whether you acknowledge it or not.

Every experience of your Twin Flame journey teaches you a lesson, and also each lesson that you learn progresses your healing because you keep opening your heart to accept your journey.

The Twin Flame journey requires you to keep your heart open to your experiences and if you put up any kind of inner resistance, you feel more pain and frustration than before.

Every time you surmount the most difficult love lessons and obstacles, you feel more empowered to grow and heal yourself from within.

You realize that you have the inner power to overcome all your fears, past pain, and insecurities.

Twin Flame healing empowers you to transform and evolve into the authentic version of yourself; there is no way around the Twin Flame journey and you must experience all the pain and frustration of purging that past pain that is lodged within you.

The more you open your heart to cleansing your energy, the more you receive more healing into your life.

The more healing you feel, the more happiness accumulates within you and you grow endless bliss that inspires to create a happy life.

You keep healing on your Twin Flame journey every day.

Are you a Twin Flame looking for more inspiration to keep doing a great job? I have an online library full of simple self-help Twin Flame resources.

I wish you blessings and love on your journey!

I appreciate you for the book reviews!

Stay Blessed!

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