How do you know that your Twin Flame is awakening to the connection?

No matter how many questions you have about your Twin Flame experiences, you have an inner guide within you that acts as a compass to direct you to where you need to go. The inner intuition and inner knowing that you have is your guide.

The blessing about the Twin Flame connection is that you share Oneness and in essence, you are one with your Twin Flame.

If you have physically met your Twin Flame, you feel a shift in your energetic vibration; you feel as if your encounter triggers an energetic merge and you feel like you can tell how your Twin Flame is feeling.

The energetic share between Twin Flames progresses once the merging is triggered. Your dreams change, and you feel like you can feel your Twin Flame within you as if you live inside each other.

If you have emotional pain that needs to be cleared out of you, you find it very difficult to accept the energetic merge because it amplifies your fears and you feel all your insecurities being exposed by the encounter.

You finally find an energetic balance within the connection and you also feel it when your Twin Flame is healing because you are one in essence.

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