Is it over when your Twin Flame rejects you or blocks you out of their life?

If you treat your Twin Flame relationship like the ordinary relationship, you assume that because your Twin Flame blocks you out of their lives, the relationship is over but when it comes to the Twin Flame connection, the physical separation phase intensifies the bond.

You always feel tethered to your Twin Flame which makes it impossible to move on because instead of your connection fading, the energetic merging keeps growing within you.

Also because of the constant energetic merging, you are always haunted by thoughts of your Twin Flame and you feel your essence merging with theirs.

From my Twin Flame experiences, I blocked him physically thinking that I would have some relief once it was over but I could not stop thinking of him and the more I pushed him away, the more frustrated I felt because I felt a disconnection from within because I was trying to resist the feelings of unconditional love.

The Twin Flame separation phase tests all the limits of the unconditional love that you feel for your Twin Flame and you are pushed to learn endless lessons of love.

It is not over when Twin Flames reject each other because even though you do not acknowledge your Twin Flame physically, you will go through the other aspects of the Twin Flame experience. After all, Twin Flame love is transcendental – You experience a Spiritual Awakening and you learn to love yourself unconditionally.

Even though your Twin Flame does not acknowledge the physical relationship with you, you can also feel an energetic form of communication and you have telepathic communication.

Your Twin Flame is also haunted by incessant thoughts of you and they dream of you as much you dream of being with them.

Once you acknowledge your Twin Flame during your initial encounter, you are inspired to grow, evolve, and become your authentic self.

You realize that the Twin Flame Journey is not about the physical relationship but there are more blessings of unconditional love that you receive unexpectedly.

The rewards of the Twin Flame love are more fulfilling than the physical relationship.

I wish you blessings and love on your Journey!

Stay Blessed!

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