Do you feel emotional pain or sickness when you are physically separated from your Twin Flame?

When I initially separated from my Twin Flame 3 years ago, my mind could not understand the emotional chaos that my heart was feeling, and therefore, I felt inner turmoil and confusion. I felt very conflicted within because the Twin Flame emotions are intense and overwhelming to embrace.

Most of the days, I was sad, hopeless, and restless because I felt an inner resistance to feeling the intense feelings of unconditional love.

I lost a taste for food, and I felt emotionally numb. It felt like I was living in limbo; I was lost in my inner pain and life felt meaningless. I felt an emptiness and a void that could not be filled with anything but my Twin Flame’s love.

I could wake up in tears, feeling restless, and sometimes I could just feel depressed because I missed my Twin Flame very much.

My Twin Flame triggered all my deepest fears, insecurities, and inner pain, and feeling the uncontrollable chaotic emotions infuriated me because I felt vulnerable and exposed to my Twin Flame.

My days and life situation kept changing and my old life dissolved.

A Twin Flame not only disarms you but they trigger an alchemical change in your life that you have no control over.

If I wanted to have inner peace and harmony again, I had to face the pain and core wounding that my Twin Flame encounter had triggered and there was no going back to my old life as it used to be.

Thinking of embracing all the pain that my Twin Flame brought into my life meant that I had to grow the inner power to face the core wounding that I had so that I could heal my pain.

Sometimes when I became weary and doubtful of the connection to my Twin Flame, I was pushed to run away from him by physically blocking him out of my life.

I thought that my Twin Flame was the source of the pain that I was feeling but my Twin Flame encounter only triggered because I was wounded within; I had past pain accumulated within me and my inner child was wounded.

How-Surrender-Self-Love: Twin Flame love is antithetical to the ordinary love relationships because you not only feel unconditional love for your Twin Flame, you feel a transcendental bond that triggers you into a Spiritual Awakening process that brings enlightenment into your life.

I wish you blessings and love on your Twin Flame journey!

Stay Blessed!

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