Ever wonder why you cannot stop thinking of your Twin Flame?

The Twin Flame journey is inadvertently the most soul invigorating experience because everything about it is very unexpected and surprising because of the life-changing love lessons that you learn as you go through the adventure.

It is indeed frustrating when you cannot stop your thoughts racing towards your Twin Flame incessantly even though sometimes you want to forget them and move on with your life.

When it comes to the Twin Flame experiences, it is not always good or blissful; sometimes you feel like severing the bond and move on with someone else but no matter how sophisticated your tactics are to run from the Twin Flame connection, you can not stop the cravings and the compulsions to reach out to your Twin Flame.

The reason why you cannot stop thinking of your Twin Flame is that you share a Soul intimacy; it feels like you make love with each other and you feel a Soul Oneness due to the energetic share.

Also, even though you manage to temporarily switch off thoughts of your Twin Flame, you feel a heart pulling as if they are attracting you to them.

Twin Flame love is unstoppable and it is Soul-deep.

HOW-MANAGE-TWIN-FLAME-SEPARATION: How do you overcome the Pain and Frustration of being physically separated from your Twin Flame?

Thank you for your love and support!

Stay Blessed!

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