Why is the Twin Flame runner afraid?

The Twin Flame runner’s fear is intensified by the surprising Twin Flame encounter that they are forced to physically block their divine partner temporarily thinking that hiding would ease the stress of the emotional frustration they feel because of the intense chaotic Twin Flame feelings.

The Twin Flame runner is afraid of breaking free from the old chains of conditioning and they are also afraid of changing their life. Once you meet your Twin Flame, you know that life as you know it will change forever and if you are not ready to embrace change, you feel fearful of the new change.

The fear of the unknown also gets in the way of the runner Twin Flame’s progress to accept the unconditional love that they feel; there is no guarantee that once you change your life, your Twin Flame will be there because so much change happens to the Twin Flame pair before you finally reunite harmoniously.

The fear of facing themselves to embrace self-love is also another reason why runner Twin Flames are always afraid. Learning to love yourself is the greatest revolution yet the most intimidating experience. It takes a series of love lessons for the runner Twin Flame to accept who they are so that they can become their authentic selves.

Sometimes the runner Twin Flame is afraid of what society would say about them if they ended up dating their Twin Flame especially if you come from different social, cultural, and religious backgrounds.

Thank you so much for your love and support!

Stay Blessed!

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