Do you feel sexually aroused because of the intense energetic share with your Twin Flame?

For me, it usually happens when I am waking up in the morning and sometimes I am attacked by his energy in the middle of the day when I feel him miss me.

Our Twin Flame bond not only brought spiritual awakening into my life, but it also changed my energy altogether because I feel different from who I used to be; I feel like I am two in one. It feels like I share my body with my Twin Flame’s energy because of Soul Intimacy and Oneness.

Sometimes I feel my Twin Flame sexual energy and at other times, I send to him my arousing energy when I think of being intimate with him. My soul craves to be close with him in every way and longs to be intimate with him.

When I feel the sexual intimacy, it feels very real as if he is physical with me. Sometimes I feel unbelievable physical sensations as if he is running his fingers all over my body.

The other times, I feel more than the physical touches; I feel his essence merging with mine and our Souls make love with each other.

Twin Flame healing empowers you to transform and evolve into the authentic version of yourself; there is no way around the Twin Flame journey and you must experience all the pain and frustration of purging that past pain that is lodged within you.

The Soul bond between Twin Flames transcends this world because the spiritual nature of the Twin Flame connection allows the astral projections that you feel like you live with your Twin Flame in the 5D dimension.

I give myself orgasms because of the intense energy and it is always the only way to release the pressure of the arousal.

It is also because of the intense sexual energy that I share with my Twin Flame that I have not been able to date anybody else or entertain a relationship with someone new because I feel content with the connection that I have with him.

TWIN-FLAME-SURRENDER-Free-Your Soul: Learn to free your soul and let go of stressing about your Twin Flame journey.

Also, the astral projections and sexual energy make it very difficult to forget your Twin Flame and you feel intensified feelings of longing and missing your Twin Flame.

Twin Flame love transcends this world because of the Soul Intimacy.

Here are some Self-Help Tips

Are you new to the Twin Flame Journey or just looking for a fresh perspective to keep doing a great job? When I was new to the Twin Flame experiences, I was very confused by how everything worked which frustrated me further but I eventually learned to embrace my journey.

Please send me feedback through comments or email if you need more inspiration on your Twin Flame journey. I am always here to give you hope so that you can feel energized to embrace your journey.

Stay Blessed!

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