What happens when the Twin Flame masculine awakens?

When I was new to the Twin Flame journey, I was confused as to why my Twin Flame was blocking me from his life. More so, I was confused about why I could not stop thinking of him all the time. I thought that our physical separation would make it easier for me to forget him so that I could move on with my life.

After going through stressful phases of chasing him and trying to fix our friendship, I got very exhausted from having fruitless results every time I chased him and it also felt like I was pushing him further away.

Nonetheless, I kept believing in our connection and the intense Spiritual Awakening phases that I went through because whether he was running from me or not, my life kept changing and I was experiencing emotional chaos on a daily.

I was also inspired by the unconditional love that I feel for him to ground myself in my energy so that I could feel peace and harmony again.

When I found Surrender after a year of physical separation, I was very exhausted, frustrated, and helpless because I missed my Twin Flame every day and my old life was no more.

I realized that the only way to find happiness again was to open myself up to the Twin Flame experience and accept every aspect of it without expecting my Twin Flame to save me.

When I started healing, I realized that it affects the shared energy that I have with my Twin Flame and it improved the telepathic communication right away.

Embracing the telepathic connection with him made me happier and the more I embraced healing and Surrender, the more I could feel the connection with him.

Eventually, my healing improved the energetic share with my Twin Flame which also improved our physical relationship because he started making moves to make himself noticed; he could get in touch more often with my friends trying to find out about my wellbeing and when he could contain himself, he would call my best friend.

After a while trying clever ways to spy on me, we started emailing each other.

The situation is still awkward between us because it is uncomfortable talking about our feelings, and the connection that we have overwhelms both of us. Also, since we live on different continents, communication is still a challenge.

Time heals all wounds, and I trust divine timing to bring us back together physically when we are both ready to confront how we feel for each other.

I hope that your Twin Flame journey becomes easier as you learn to accept every aspect of your journey. It takes having hope and faith to trust that you will eventually reunite as you desire.

Thank you so much for the love and support, and I wish you blessings and love on your journey!

Stay Blessed!

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