How do you stop thinking of a Twin Flame?

Every Twin Flame will tell you that thinking of each other is incessant; you always feel your Twin Flame’s presence whether you wish to actively do it or not.

Sometimes you wish to block your Twin Flame out of your life thinking that it will solve the problem but you end up feeling restless as if you are denying a part of yourself.

The only way to go through every phase of the Twin Flame journey is by actively accepting to experience every emotion by opening your heart fully to embrace unconditional love.

This is why it is important to love yourself as a Twin Flame because instead of spending so much time and energy trying to block feelings of love and the Twin Flame connection, you can choose to focus on showing unconditional love to yourself.

In essence, if you love yourself, it means that you are loving your Twin Flame because you are one.

You cannot deny yourself the thoughts of your Twin Flame and you must accept that fact because you can run but you cannot hide from the Twin Flame connection.

You will realise that once you accept to love yourself, you start to have a different perspective towards your life situation which allows you to tackle the obstacle in your life in a better way.

Rediscovering the authentic version of yourself also inspires you to pursue your life’s passions and you focus your energy on growing your talents. Once you focus your energy on creating a meaningful life, you become more happier even though you think of your Twin Flame every day.

I have more inspiration for you in my library full of simple self-help books to inspire you to keep doing a great job on your journey.

Are you new to the Twin Flame Journey or just looking for a fresh perspective to keep doing a great job? Here are some Self-Help Tips

I wish you blessings and love on your journey!

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