Does the Twin Flame runner notice when the chaser surrenders and focuses on themselves?

Yes, the runner Twin Flame is always tracking the whereabouts of their divine partner and they also track your progress and growth because no matter how much the runner tries to ignore their feelings, the Twin Flame experience takes over their lives as well as the chaser.

When you are bombarded by the intense Twin Flame feelings after the initial encounter, you wonder if you are going crazy because your Twin Flame triggers an awakening that only affects you.

You are new to the Twin Flame experience, you seem to be the alien living amongst people and only your Twin Flame partner can understand how you feel. 

The Twin Flame encounter changes how you feel whether you are running from your Twin Flame or chasing them and the energetic merging that is triggered keeps growing within both of you so that you can live an authentic life of oneness.

When the Twin Flame runner notices that their divine partner is surrendering and embracing their journey, they worry that they might forget about the connection and it intensifies their behaviors of finding smarter ways to spy on their Twin Flame partner.

I always advise my fellow Twin Flames that use the truth when you are communicating with your Twin Flame partner and it is very important to also stay consistent with the Truth.

Everything that you say to your Twin Flame partner is very important and crucial to their growth whether they acknowledge you or not, and if you make a promise to your Twin Flame, make sure that you keep it.

As the Twin Flame chaser surrenders and heals, the runner partner can feel the healing too – and can also notice the physical growth changes in their divine partner which inspires them to also accept growth and change.

Growth, healing, change, and inspiration attract your Twin Flame back once they realize that they are safe with you. 

You are your Twin Flame’s home.

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You will eventually find endless bliss, healing and inner harmony. Keep believing in yourself and your journey.

Stay Blessed!

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