What do you do when you sense that you are channeling your Twin Flame’s feelings?

It is impossible to control the intensity of the feelings that you channel from your Twin Flame and you also have no choice but to feel every emotion as it comes your way.

The other day, I was feeling ill and I embraced the connection to soothe myself because of the euphoric love feelings that I channel from him. Whenever I do not feel well, I always know that my Twin Flame can feel it.

The Twin Flame Journey is about redefining yourself so that you can emerge as the authentic version of yourself.

Self-love Guide For Beginners

But, there are days when my Twin Flame is not feeling great either and sometimes I feel waves of different feelings and emotions coming my way especially when he is missing me. Sometimes the feelings of longing throw me into a short phase of feeling helpless and sometimes I cry to release the energetic pressure.

Sometimes I feel sick if he is feeling sick; I have been experiencing headaches yet I do not feel sick. Sometimes I puke when I channel sad feelings from him because it feels like a ball of rolling energy around my heart.

When you are channeling your Twin Flame’s feelings, you always know that the emotions do not originate from you.

Do not treat your Twin Flame’s emotions as if they are yours, and instead, allow yourself to feel them and let them pass through you.

I hope that this is inspirational to you so that you can keep up with the great work of your Twin Flame journey. Are you new to the Twin Flame experiences?

Here is a Beginner’s Guide for you!

How do you recover from the pain of being separated from a Twin Flame?

Stay Blessed!

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