How do you embark on healing as a Twin Flame?

In order to reach the greatest heights of your healing, you have to be altruistic, creative, open-minded, authentic, accepting, independent and brave on your own without needing the assurance and affirmations from your Twin Flame.

The Twin Flame healing journey also implies that you accept and acknowledge the sacredness and uniqueness of your Twin Flame bond and the connection.

You also have to accept that the Twin Flame connection is all about embracing unconditional love fully.

The Twin Flame Journey Guide

The Twin Flame journey is indeed a Battle within Self!

When you are triggered into the Awakening to unconditional love by your initial Twin Flame encounter, you learn various lessons of love but most of all, you begin to understand the essence of humanistic themes like, authenticity, awareness, compassion, spirituality, self-transcendence, wholeness and integration.

Apart from understanding the different humanistic themes, you also learn to embrace the inherent struggles and paradoxes of human struggles as you learn smart ways to overcome the obstacles along your Twin Flame journey.

What to do to heal:

  • Embrace and grow positive emotions:

Positive emotions are of a higher frequency and intensity to bring positive feelings to you so that you can stay in a good mood. Positive emotions also bring you feelings of contentment, laughter and joy: Positive Twin Flame Affirmations.

  • Allow yourself to experience negative emotions:

Negative emotions bring feelings of lower frequency and hence bring negative feelings that affect your mood poorly. For you to heal, the Twin Flame process requires you to feel every emotion that the encounter triggers within you especially the negative feelings of guilt, loss, anxiety, fear, sadness, grief, anger and restlessness.

How do you recover from Soul Shock? Here is a Simple Guide to Overcome Twin Flame Grief

Your Journey Begins Today!

  • Create a life of Satisfaction:

You must do an overall evaluation of your life to understand the nature and progress of your healing. For you to know how meaningful your life is, you have to evaluate your joys and happiness. If a certain aspect of your life does not align with your new-found Twin Flame energy of authenticity, you must change it according to your satisfaction.

  • Create a life of vitality:

Vitality means that you have a positive subjective sense of physical health and energy. Try to rejuvenate your energy by doing simple yoga exercises to help you stretch your body, eat healthy and always keep a healthy lifestyle to keep you feeling vibrant.

The Twin Flame journey is an energy purging process therefore, you must be fit physically, emotionally and energetically.

  • Master your environment:

Healing also requires you to shape your environment to suit your needs and desires; if you wish to reunite with your Twin Flame, you must create and environment that makes both of you happy. Everything in your life must align with your Twin Flame situation so that you feel in control of your life. Mastering your environment also means that you do not feel overwhelmed by the demands and responsibilities of everyday life.

  • Create positive relationships:

Healing is accelerated when you feel loved, supported, appreciated, acknowledged, and valued by those closest to you. Also, having warm and trusting interpersonal relationships by being loving and generous to others creates a life of meaning and purpose which brings more happiness into your life.

Twin Flame Chaser Healing Guide

Open your heart fully to embracing unconditional love.

  • Accept yourself:

Self-acceptance is having positive attitudes towards yourself, having a sense of self-worth plus respecting and loving oneself.

Also when you accept yourself, you begin to grow feelings of competence in accomplishing challenging tasks which brings you a sense of effectiveness in accomplishing meaningful goals for progress and growth.

All in all, after you achieve healing as a Twin Flame, you feel independent and free to make your own choices without needing your Twin Flame.

What if you meet your Twin Flame but they are already committed to a relationship?

Twin Flames vs Karmic Partners:

Are you struggling with the pain of being physically separated from your Twin Flame? Try this!

Soon or later, you will rediscover your authentic self. Keep believing in your Twin Flame connection.

I hope that you are feeling more inspired to keep doing the great work on your Twin Flame journey. Thank you so much for your love and support!

Stay Blessed!

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