For how long should you wait for the Twin Flame partner to Awaken?

Your Twin Flame partner is already aware of your connection and the feelings of unconditional love they have for you and it is a matter of them confronting how they feel and accept to embrace the intense, invigorating, chaotic Twin Flame emotions.

Apart from going through the motions of managing the Soul Awakening experiences, your Twin Flame also struggles with juggling the Twin Flame experiences with the daily life situation.

If your Twin Flame has not yet accepted their connection to you, they suffer more because they will have to experience the accelerated energy purging process that is triggered by the energetic merge.

For a Twin Flame to find peace and happiness, you must accept the energetic merging, and embrace the Oneness that originates within the Soul: This is why you go through the Spiritual Awakening process to find Enlightenment in every aspect of your life.

Instead of waiting for your Twin Flame to awaken, have faith that you will eventually achieve your heart’s desires but meanwhile, you should focus on loving yourself, and finding meaning into your life.

You can channel the unconditional love that you feel for your Twin Flame into experiences that make you happy and those around you.

Your Twin Flame will come back when they are ready to confront the situation but until then, the only person you can control is yourself.

Build a happy life for yourself because you deserve it.

SURRENDER to Self-love for Beginners

Every day after you meet your Twin Flame is a learning experience about unconditional love; open your heart to embrace every lesson and let yourself transform into the authentic version of yourself.

You deserve abundance, great health, happiness and a life full of unconditional love.

Stay Blessed!

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