How is the Twin Flame runner’s life during the physical separation phase?

There is a saying that sometimes you have to lose somebody to find out if you love them — I regret my actions and behaviors of running from my Twin Flame but I am also grateful for the Soul lessons that I have learned especially about unconditional love, patience, faith, empathy, understanding, and forgiveness. You can Find Here more about my Runner Experience.

I also feel very blessed to have gone through the intense spiritual awakening and the invigorating self-love experiences; happiness is when you eventually find the authentic version of yourself.

Three years ago, I did not know about Twin Flames and I was very naive about being a Twin Flame until meeting him sparked an alchemical change in my life.

Apart from having an inner knowing that my life would change forever after I met my Twin Flame, I also was feeling chaotic emotions within me. Meeting him felt like he suddenly had downloaded his consciousness into mine, and it felt as though I was living life as two people in one.

From the first time I met my Twin Flame, I was compelled to know more about him; I grew more curious every time I talked to him and I could not stop thinking of him all the time.

Meeting my Twin Flame felt like I was looking for love without knowing it.

Authentic Signs of a Twin Flame

I thought that I had loved before but not like the way I love my Twin Flame.

The emotional pain that you feel will eventually heal.

Are you struggling with the pain of physical separation?

We had to separate because we live on different continents and we never prepared to meet each other; I was married and I never knew that I would ever meet a Twin Flame.

When we went into the physical separation phase, I was relieved to have space so that I could understand the chaotic emotions that I felt for him.

I could not understand why I had the intense urges to always talk to him and I had compulsions to merge with him in every aspect.

What are some tips to Surrender?

I could still hear his thoughts even though we were physically separated and I felt an energetic merging with him all the time.
My Twin Flame has always been on my mind since the day we locked gazes and saw each other.

I thought that the physical separation would make the feelings for him fade so that I could go back to my old life but change became the only constant in my life.

What are the mostly asked questions about a Twin Flame Runner?

I had to tell him how overwhelmed I felt with my feelings and I told him to stay away from me.

The situation was also awkward because I was still married. It has been a rollercoaster this Twin Flame journey and we have both evolved and matured.

More inspiration in this simple book.

Twin Flames vs Karmic Partners

I wish you blessings and love on your Twin Flame journey.

Stay Blessed!

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