Does the Twin Flame chaser ever forget about the runner?

Neither of the Twin Flames forgets the other and from my experiences, both Twin Flames are the same because you are one single energetic unit vibrating at the same energetic wavelength whether you are physically separated or not.

You will always incessantly think of your Twin Flame very day and it affects how you relate with other people around you.

Feeling unconditional love for a Twin Flame is like an addiction and you are always craving to feel the peace and inner harmony that their presence brings into your life.

What are the Simple Tips to Manage the Pain of Separation from a Twin Flame?

I feel your pain and I understand what you are going through but you will eventually overcome the pain and find inner peace.

Surrender Tips

Surrender to find inner peace.

Eventually, you get exhausted from chasing if your Twin Flame partner tends to ignore you — you realize that the Twin Flame experiences will never go away and change is the only constant in your life.

Accepting your Twin Flame process for what it brings you inner freedom and power to Surrender and trust the divine to take control of your journey hoping that one day you will meet again.

Even though you are Surrendering, you still miss your Twin Flame intensely, you crave their presence and you also feel the energetic merging working its way through so that you can be refined into your authentic self.

The Soul intimacy that you share with your Twin Flame makes it impossible to forget each other and the shared energetic merging keeps reminding you of the Oneness that originates from the source.

Every day after you meet your Twin Flame is about your Twin Flame, the journey, and the intense invigorating life-changing experiences.

I hope that you find more healing and blessings on your Twin Flame journey.

Stay Blessed!

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