How do you communicate with a Twin Flame in 5D?

Twin Flame 5D communication is both Spiritual and Energetic form of communication; you feel like you talk to them in your mind, you see them in your dreams, and you feel the energetic share and merging which creates an internal communication with your Twin Flame because of the Soul intimacy.

When I was new to the Twin Flame experiences, I could not understand why I could read my Twin Flame’s thoughts. More so, I was constantly channeling his feelings as if we lived inside each other.

My energy changed the moment an energetic merge was triggered between him and I after the first time we locked our gazes and stared into each other’s souls: Every time I looked in his eyes, I could get lost into looking in his Soul.

When we went into a physical separation with my Twin Flame because we live on different continents, I could still feel his essence merging with mine and the energetic merging intensified. Not even distance could affect how we communicate in the 5D realm with my Twin Flame.

Telepathic communication sometimes was a burden especially on days when I wanted to sever the connection and forget about my Twin Flame; every time I tried to block thoughts of him, the more I felt his energy merging with mine and I was constantly attacked by incessant mental conversations with him as if he was next to me.

During the days when I was doubtful of my Twin Flame connection, I would get bombarded by signs of him everywhere I looked and sometimes I would feel his essence embrace me when I felt lonely and helpless.

Are you asking this about the Runner?

You are unconditionally Loved.

When I dream of my Twin Flame, I always get messages on how to keep moving forward especially when I feel uninspired to keep up with self-growth, his energy and unconditional love that I channel in the connection inspire me to embrace the Soul lessons.

Sometimes I think of him and then we both text each other at the same time and sometimes we use the same phrases to express how we feel.

I wish you Blessings and love on your Journey!

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