How does the Twin Flame runner feel when they keep suppressing feelings for the chaser?

The first time I realized that I was special to my Twin Flame was the first time we locked our gazes; we both saw each other’s soul and we knew then and there that we are each other’s home.

After the first time, we locked gazes, it took me about two days to get comfortable looking in his eyes again and every time I see his soul, my heart expands with feelings os unconditional love.

When we were together in the physical, my Twin Flame struggled to contain his feelings for me and strangers mistook him to be my husband all the time and our mutual friends noticed how much I affected him.

Before I met my Twin Flame in the physical, we knew of each other for 5 years through mutual friends and everybody joked about how he was searching for a “special woman” all his life — I never knew that I would ever meet him.

He could not hide it from me how much I affected him because he would involuntarily whisper and say things to me to assure me that I was special to him, and he could not take his eyes off me.

Even though I was married, my Twin Flame was very protective of me and he would easily get jealous. He would express to me how it affected him when I was in the company of other men and sometimes he would intervene if the stress was excruciating.

Once we physically separated, I could not contain my feels for him and how much I missed him; I was very overwhelmed by the intense feelings of unconditional love that I thought running from him and blocking him out of my life would make me feel better but it only escalated my fears and pain of missing him.

Since we live on different continents, he said that it is best for everybody if we do not talk to each other but he is always checking in on me through mutual friends; the other day, he called home for 3 hours.

It is impossible to suppress the giant Twin Flame feelings and don’t feel bad when you are not successful at controlling the compulsions and reflexes to act however your Soul feels like — it is okay to feel like a chaser or the runner.

What are the Signs of meeting a Twin Flame?

You deserve all your heart’s desires.

The Twin Flame experience is such a Soul invigorating experience that expands your heart with Unconditional Love.

Always open your heart to fully embrace unconditional love from your Twin Flame.

Surrender to Self-love like this!

You will eventually achieve your heart’s desires because you deserve love, abundance and happiness.

Stay Blessed!

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