Simple acts of Self-love to accumulate more happiness in your life.

Self-love begins with honoring yourself, your passions, and your daily preferences in each choice that you make for yourself.

Before you embark on a journey of loving yourself unconditionally, you must acknowledge and accept yourself; the good, the bad and the ugly. These are the Twin Flame Runner Traits.

I struggled with finding my center when it came to embracing self-love because I did not know how to begin but there is no wrong way to love yourself.

Here are some of the simple practical things that I do to show more love to myself; you can also do it by the way!

How do you stay physically fit?

Physical exercise is very essential to your wellbeing because you are as happy as your body feels.

Here are some ways to exercise without stressing too much about it – you can customise these simple tips to suit your lifestyle. Positive Vibrations to uplift your energetic vibrations.

  • Breathing Excercises

Breathing is a simple exercise that I practice when I am stressed out or feeling anxious – it instantly calms me down.

I downloaded this breathing app which could time my breathing in and out processes.

It is very simple; I breathe in and hold my breath as I count to 20 in my head and then breathe out slowly as I count to 10. Twin Flame Chaser Healing; Free your Soul.

I do this exercise for about 5 minutes and I always feel refreshed with fresh oxygen in my lungs, relaxed, and calm.

Even when I have trouble sleeping, I do the breathing exercise to relax and stop feeling helpless.

  • Yoga

Yoga is the easiest way to exercise your body and there are yoga moves for everyone; you can learn as you exercise and follow your pace.

You dont need to go to a yoga studio to learn yoga, you can download a free application on your phone to guide you on how to stretch and learn the moves.

You can do yoga for as long as you want – I always do yoga for 20 minutes, and I can pause the app to catch a break if I get tired.

  • Take Walks

Take 30 minutes when you can to take a walk or go out for a run.

Walking in a place surrounded by nature like in the park is very revitalizing and inspirational. 

You can also listen to your favorite website or your favorite audiobook.

You can simply subscribe to an audiobook service where you get free deals on your favorites: my favorite is Audible.

  • Push-ups:

When you are starting to make attempts at exercising while doing push-ups, be patient with yourself while learning to have good form; the quality of your push-ups is more important than the number of push-ups you make.

Push-ups work your entire body without having to do so much exercise. 

I always make sure I do at least 10 good push-ups a day.

Essentials for Perfect Push-ups

Comfortable excercise attire

Knee Support Pads

  • Running

You can create a simple running routine especially in the morning as part of your daily exercise routine.

You can utilize the morning run to listen to an inspirational podcast or positive affirmations from an audio book.

  • Stretching

Stretching is free and very simple to do from anywhere in your house or from outside on a leveled ground.

To stretch properly, watch an instructional video to guide you as you learn simple but effective way to stretch.

You already have a coach or instructor on your phone if you downloaded an app or an instructional video.

  • Swimming

You can swim in the ocean, a swimming pool or a lake — it is also a free physical excercise to boost how you feel.

  • Meditation:

You need to have a time-out for at least 30 minutes a day to quiet your mind and soothe your Soul.

Meditation brings inner peace and calm by learning to understand the meaning of your Spirituality and divinity.

You deserve inner peace and happiness; meditation brings you inner balance and vitality.

The easiest way to practice meditation is by downloading a simple meditation app with soothing music and sounds to boost your positive energy.

This is my favorite Audio meditation book.

What Books are you reading?

Invest time in reading books that uplift your spirit; reading also improves your grammar and expands your imagination. 

Learning to read more books improves your growth processes and you evolve as you feel inspired to become the authentic version of yourself.

Self-love involves motivating yourself by enriching your soul with knowledge.

Reading books expands your imagination and improves your creativity.

Here are my favorite 5 books that helped me to Spiritually Grow and improve my wellbeing.

How do you channel your passions into everything that you do?

Loving yourself improves your relationship with others and as you accumulate more love within yourself, the more life becomes meaningful and more interesting.

Honoring your preferences also includes respecting your passions and desires. It is important to channel your passions and desires into meaningful experiences and enjoy your daily routines by simplifying your tasks.

  • What kind of friends and support system and friends do you have?

Surround yourself with people who uplift you and support you to live a life of authenticity and truth.

Accumulate positive vibrations in your life and sometimes it is better to embrace a life of peace and solitude instead of having the company of negative people. 

You can also get a pet like a dog to give you company — learning to love a pet is also another way to learn to show unconditional love.

  • How do you spend your quality time?

Having quality time for yourself improves and boosts your wellbeing.

You can do so many things that interest you during your quality time by reading a book, going to the beach and sometimes you can stay in and watch your favorite TV Shows.

These are some of my favorite shows.

  • How is your living situation?

Your home is your sanctuary and it is important to create a healthy living situation.

Do you love your home situation and how it is organized? Do you have a kitchen that inspires you to cook and create healthy meals?

Do you relax when you are in your bed to inspire you to have a goodnight’s sleep?

Before you start your day, the simplest way to set a pace to your day is by making your bed.

It brings you more happiness when you look forward to going back to sleep in a nice bed after a long day.

I always have a great night’s sleep when my bedsheets & mattress are comfy.

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set

The most comfortable Memory Foam Mattress Topper

  • Do you love your appearance and self-image?

When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you love what you see?

Are you happy about yourself and how you represent yourself when you are in the presence of others?

You do not need to rob a bank to improve your self-image; I mastered my self-pampering routine like this.

I took a lesson to learn simple ways I can improve my makeup and beauty routines like using kitchen groceries to create organic beauty care products like a Sugar & Honey facial scrub.

Instead of spending so much money on a Spa Day, I allocate time to have a home spa day for example I give myself a spa pedicure and manicure as I watch my favorite movie or read or listen to a good audiobook.

I hope that this article helps to boost your self-love process.

Stay Blessed!

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