Should I remain in contact with my twin flame while we are both married with small kids? I think of him 24/7 and we message every day. But I feel so distracted from my family while my TF seems ok with it all, but isn’t awakened to the TF journey yet.

When I received your question, I was thinking of the first encounter with my Twin Flame because I was also married; I was thinking of how we complete each other in every way possible and I am constantly feeling the energetic Oneness with him.

If the situation is not awkward at all, keep the friendship with your Twin Flame growing, nurture it, and make sure that through thick and thin, they know that you have their back.

Having said that, I could not keep the friendship with my Twin Flame because we met during the most strange circumstances; he showed up in my life like had always belonged there, triggered a change when I needed it, and left because we live on separate continents.

He left me stuck with all the stormy changes that I could not control and our encounter changed my perspective about love, happiness, and marriage.

I knew that even though there was no guarantee to affirm that I would end up with my Twin Flame, I could not escape the changes that I had to make so that I could feel happy — I was overwhelmed by the divorce, changing my life and friends altogether.

I was also worried about spending the rest of my life alone in case my Twin Flame moved on with someone new.

On the other hand, if I stayed friends with my Twin Flame, I was starting to feel guilty for emotionally cheating on my husband. I also did not want to jeopardize their friendship.

I told my Twin Flame that I was overwhelmed by all this and I told him that I love him but it was best if I blocked him out of my life. I wanted to figure out my new life experiences that the encounter had brought into my life.

We ended up having an estranged communication process with him but we both know that we are not going anywhere.

Twin Flame Stories

Are you struggling to manage the pain of being separated from your Twin Flame? Here is a simple guide for recovery and healing.

My advice to you is, whatever situation is good, comfortable, and working for you and your Twin Flame, keep it going because there will never be a perfect time to be happy.

Embrace your happiness as you figure out what the future has in stock for you!

Twin Flame Union



Positive Affirmations

You deserve to be loved unconditionally

Focus on loving yourself, and accumulate positive energy in your daily life. Your Twin Flame will return when they are ready!

Stay Blessed!

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