How do you know if someone really is your twin flame and you aren’t just making this up in your head?

The first time I met him, I relaxed within myself; peace and calm washed over me as if I had finally arrived home after a long journey.

Meeting my Twin Flame made me realize that I was looking for love without knowing that I was searching for it. How do you feel when you meet your Twin Flame?

I had never heard of Twin Flames before and even after we physically separated, it took me 6 months to accept that I was going through a Twin Flame Experience because everything that I read about the journey seemed complicated and special.

Before I met my Twin Flame, I used to ask myself; “What is the meaning of my life?” “Why do I exist?” What do you do when you miss your Twin Flame during the separation phase?

When I looked in my Twin Flame’s eyes, I felt accepted, acknowledged, and appreciated. It felt as if I was reconnecting with a long lost friend from a past lifetime.

Our bond was not sexual but we acknowledged that we have a chemistry that is made in the Stars; we both vibrate at the same energetic frequency and I could effortlessly channel his feelings and emotions.

I did not doubt that I had met my equal match and I had the imminent knowing that no matter how far we drift from each other, we shall end up together.

The giant explosive Twin Flame feelings can not be described but the everyday words — your Twin Flame takes over your Soul without your permission and you know deep within you that you would do anything in this world to make them happy. Who is a Twin Flame Chaser?

Even when I attempted to run from my Twin Flame, I knew it in my Soul that we love each other unconditionally and no matter the obstacles that stood in the way, we would meet again.

Over the past three years, not even physical separation changes how we feel for each other, and we though our friendship seemed estranged, the unconditional love that we feel for each other has been uncontainable and difficult to hide.

Before we physically separated, we both acknowledged the special bond, and he promised to come back to me when he is ready. What stages do Twin Flames go through before the final reunion?

I have gone through so many life-changing soul lessons and I am happy with my new life situation— unconditional love I feel for my Twin Flame inspired me to grow and evolve into the authentic version of myself.

The Twin Flame journey has been the most life-changing experience I have ever been through!

I wish you blessings and abundance on your Twin Flame Journey!

Stay Blessed.

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