How do you stay in positive energetic vibration and happy on your Twin Flame journey?

It is a lonely journey being a Twin Flame especially if you are the only one going through the experiences while others are going about their lives normally.

The first lesson that you learn when you are new to the Twin Flame experiences is that everything happens within you and your connection is unique to you and your Twin Flame.

No matter how much information that you read about Twin Flames, you cannot experience another person’s connection and you have to take responsibility and own the new changes that your Twin Flame encounter triggers in your life.

Therefore, it is very important to squarely face the truth and accept whether you are on the Twin Journey or not: The Twin Flame Journey fun facts.

  • Trust your inner knowing & the unconditional love that you feel within the connection to your Twin Flame: You cannot fake being a Twin Flame and you cannot fake the connection — You either feel the connection or you do not. When you trust how you feel, no matter how discouraging the situation gets, you do not forget and doubt your Twin Flame’s love for you. No one can give you the affirmation that you are a Twin Flame about from feeling it within you. Twin Flame love is natural and part of who you are because even though your partner denies the connection initially, they cannot escape how they feel for you.
  • Surround yourself with those experiencing the Twin Flame journey, and also share your experiences so that you can help and support others who need more inspiration. The easiest way to connect with other Twin Flames is through online communities and blogs. In your everyday life, surround yourself with people who inspire you to grow and become a better person so that you can live a meaningful life. What are some tips to manage Twin Flame separation pain?
  • Heal your pain and free yourself from fear and doubt: The first lesson that you learn when you embark on a journey of self-love is that you must forgive yourself in every way so that you feel free to heal. You cannot be happy if you have inner fear because you always feel uneasy and it is also why the Twin Flame connection will make you feel uncomfortable. If you have inner pain lodged within you, unconditional love overwhelms you and it forces you to run from its source who is your Twin Flame partner.
  • Have empathy for your Twin Flame & understand their perspective: When you have judgment for your Twin Flame and their life experiences, it oozes all the positive energy out of you, and having judgment brings negative feelings. If you want to stay in a Positive energetic vibration, you must accept your Twin Flame for who they are and appreciate them for bringing the feelings of unconditional love to you. Always have an open heart for your Twin Flame and accumulate unconditional love in your heart for them because they can feel you whether you are happy or sad.
  • Hope for the best and accept your success and growth – Love brings hope and hope brings joy: You have nothing to lose when you hope for the best and it makes your days better because hope inspires you to pursue your dreams and create a life of meaning and authenticity. When you hope for the best, you know that soon or later, you will see your Twin Flame again no matter how much you drift from each other. These are some Blessings of being a Twin Flame.
  • Train your inner critic to be positive and optimistic: You are your support system, your motivator, and cheerleader. You can train your inner voice to inspire you and motivate you to feel positive. You have to become your own best friend whether you are surrounded by people or not.
  • Be thankful for your Twin Flame and the experiences that were triggered in your life after the initial encounter: Meeting a Twin Flame is a very special experience and even though it alchemically changes your emotions and how you see the world; you create accelerated changes in your life that increase your joys and happiness. Appreciate the new life experiences and use the new shift in perspective to improve your life and those around you. Embrace the gifts of the Twin Flame journey and acknowledge your growth and the love lessons learned. How do you know that you have met a Twin Flame?
  • Embrace Self-love: You cannot appreciate unconditional love if you do not know how it feels and no matter how much love your Twin Flame shows to you unconditionally, you will feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Self-love empowers you to appreciate yourself especially parts of you that you thought were unlovable. Here are the simple Beginner Self-love tips if you have no idea how to start.
  • Accept your Journey: Accept that your life will change forever and you cannot control the process of change. Accept that you deserve to be loved unconditionally by your Twin Flame and also accept that the Twin Flame journey all about you and how you feel. Your Twin Flame can love you unconditionally but they cannot heal any pain within you so accept change and open your heart to growth and healing.
  • Set goals for your Twin Flame journey and focus on achieving them: The best way to keep yourself busy and distract yourself from incessantly thinking of your Twin Flame is by focusing on setting achievable simple goals for your daily routines. Simplify your tasks and focus on creating positive results in the process.

Feed your mind with inspiration keep your heart open to learning by reading motivational books, and listening to inspiring audiobooks and podcasts. When it comes to listening to audiobooks, I signed up for the Amazon Audible.

The Twin Flame journey is about enjoying the process of reuniting with your Twin Flame and a physical reunion is only icing on the cake: These simple Reunion tips helped me to attain a quicker reunion process with my Twin Flame. I hope you find them inspiring as well.

Book Picks

You deserve to be loved unconditionally.

Thank you so much for your love and support, I hope that you are feeling more inspired to keep up with the great work of your Twin Flame journey.

Stay Blessed!

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