What are the signs of healing as a Twin Flame?

Healing is a gradual process that happens throughout your life but the Twin Flame encounter triggers an accelerated alchemical transformation within you that requires you to face your core wounding and inner pain.

When you meet your Twin Flame, they trigger your pain because they mirror to you both your fears and deepest desires within you and you are pushed to dig deeper within yourself to face every aspect of you so that you can freely embrace unconditional love.

If you have had the chance to physically meet your Twin Flame, you know how it feels to have the shared energetic vibration in its highest frequency — you feel the energetic merging with your Twin Flame and it continues to work within you whether you are physically separated or not.

There are two ways to know that you are healing on your Twin Flame journey and it all begins with your energetic vibration: You completely feel happy and free the same way your Twin Flame makes you feel when you are physically together. You feel inner harmony and peace because of the harmonious flow of your energy in a shared connection of Oneness.

Secondly, when you have completely healed, you focus on accumulating more happiness in your life and you completely trust divine timing to guide your Twin Flame back to you because you understand that Twin Flame physical separation is only an illusion. After all, you are Soul bound with your Twin Flame eternally.

Stay Blessed!

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