How long does it take for twin flames to reunite?

You must work towards the physical reunion with your Twin Flame, you must respect your journey, believe in your connection, and trust yourself to achieve your deepest heart’s desires. What does the Twin Flame journey entail?

My journey to a physical reunion has not been smooth and I also now understand that working for a reunion starts right at the moment you physically separate until you meet again because there is no break from the Twin Flame journey and change is always the only constant.

Problems will always arise as obstacles that blind you from desiring you achieve a reunion and sometimes you feel like giving up altogether but you eventually get a hang on the dynamic of the relationship that you have with your Twin Flame.

When I was new to how the Twin Flame experiences worked, I was always stressed out about seeing my Twin Flame again, and I had intense compulsions to always talk to him.

How does the Twin Flame runner feel when the chaser Surrenders and focuses on themselves?

No matter what your expectations are, you must do the dirty work of energetic cleansing and facing the darkest parts of your soul to heal any pain that you have because your Twin Flame will always trigger you to bring the pain to the surface and they mirror to you all the core wounding within you that needs to be healed.

You also have to know that nothing can alter your Twin Flame’s love for you but for you to accept unconditional love from them, you must know how it feels to be loved unconditionally within.

No one can give you the happiness that you crave; not even your Twin Flame can make you feel happy if you are not a happy person from within. What do you do if your Twin Flame wants to leave their marriage for you but their karmic partner is still in love with them?

For a Harmonious reunion with your Twin Flame to happen, you must feel complete, happy and spiritually fulfilled — you want the reunion to last forever and not a temporary meeting.

I advise fellow Twin Flames to work towards a lasting relationship with your Twin Flame and so, make sure that you are ready for your desires to happen.

Be honest with yourself, and always forgive yourself if you feel like you are not progressing.

Set goals for your reunion — setting goals is different from having expectations because if you have a plan for your reunion, you will enjoy the process of achieving your goals together with your Twin Flame which will take your journey together more interesting and probably push you to pursue a life mission together. What is the easiest way to reunite with a Twin Flame?

A Twin Flame reunion is only the beginning of forever; it is not just about your fantasies about intimacy but rather the beginning of a journey of happiness together full of unconditional love and blessings.

Make sure that you are ready to receive your Blessings and the Gifts of Unconditional love!

Start preparing now!

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Be happy!

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