If a twin flame runner is mirroring you, then why don’t they mirror your love towards you as chasers do? Exactly what is this mirror concert?

Every time I used to talk to my Twin Flame when I was full of fear, he would ignore me further and every time I came from a place of unconditional love and empathy, he would respond to me with more love.

Twin Flames energetically feed off each other because you are one single energetic unit; you both ground each other energetically whether you are sitting right next to each other or separated by continents.

If you have been through most of the challenging phases of the Twin Flame process like the night of the soul, you understand that you are constantly communicating with your Twin Flame energetically. How do you stop the running and chasing cycle?

The Twin Flame chaser’s behaviors come from a place of fear of losing the connection especially during the temporary physical separation phase, and the chasing phase teaches you hardcore lessons of unconditional love like learning to trust your connections and embracing Self-love. This is the Path to a Harmonious Union

When I was running from my Twin Flame, I was afraid of facing my inner pain and I thought that he would make me feel better by constantly reminding me that I am special to him.

I learned to listen to my inner knowing and trust that I was still connected to him even though we are separated by continents. How do you know that your Twin Flame misses you as much as you miss them?

I learned that focusing on showing myself unconditional love made me feel happier, and I embraced the Twin Flame experiences with an open heart. Are you new to Self-love? Here is a beginner guide for you.

How do you move the obstacles on the Twin Flame journey so that you can reunite with your Twin Flame?

Whether you are chasing or running, you are using your mind to make sense of your feelings and the Soul connection — it is important to learn to feel and embrace your Twin Flame experiences using the heart space.

The more you love yourself, the more you feel yourself sending more love to your Twin Flame, and the love you feel in your heart eventually attracts them back.

I hope that this is helpful to you.

Stay Blessed!

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