What are the circumstances that awake runner twin flames?

There comes a time when all the fear of feeling unconditional love subsidies and the heart starts to radiate unconditional love towards the Twin Flame partner.

The heart wants what it wants and love is love; your Soul is always calling you to merge with your Twin Flame in every possible way.

Even though your runner Twin Flame is not talking to you directly, they are also experiencing their part of the Twin Flame experiences and the runner also goes through the accelerated energy purging processes the more they tend to run. What are the mostly asked questions about the Runner Twin Flame?

Also, the runner acknowledges how much they love you unconditionally but they fear expressing it because of the different reasons especially fear of feeling loved.

The running phase of their journey is a learning experience for the runner to confront their feelings and heal the pain within them.

If you have been a Chaser as well, you know that it is a temporary phase that exists to teach you lessons of unconditional love. Why does a Chaser Twin Flame chase the runner?

If you stop chasing your Twin Flame and surrender, they also stop running and confront themselves because you are no longer a trigger of their running behaviors.

You cannot run if nothing is chasing you. How do you start Surrendering on your Journey?

Thank you for your love and support — I wish you blessings and love on your Journey!

Stay Blessed! ❤

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