In TF Journey, what is the surrender process step by step, dos, and don’TS?

The same way no one can tell you how to love someone is how also Surrender works; there is no right way to start it because you cannot force it or fake it and there is no formula to how you embrace it.

All I know from my experiences is that Surrender is a sign of bravery and inner strength that empowers you to have faith in your Twin Flame connection so that you can focus on yourself.

Surrender frees your Soul — you realize that you do not have to stress about chasing your Twin Flame because you already feel them in your heart because of the unconditional love that you feel for each other.

There comes a time when you feel exhausted from your chasing behaviors and all you want is to free yourself from feeling helpless without your Twin Flame.

Surrender naturally happens when you are ready to face yourself and whatever is not working on your journey and it does not mean that you are giving up on your Twin Flame love but rather, you are focusing on accumulating more peace into your life as you journey on.

The Twin Flame journey does not end, and you have no control over your Twin Flame’s behavior but you choose to accept every aspect of your Twin Flame process and trust that you will eventually achieve your heart’s deepest desires.

Surrender also accelerates your healing because you withdraw your energy from chasing your Twin Flame and focus all of it on yourself.

Surrender brings you Soul freedom and happiness that once you start it, you want to do more of it.

You cannot fake Surrender but you can discipline yourself to focus on yourself and Surrender will be initiated naturally without you forcing yourself.

Every phase of your Twin Flame experiences is an important stage of learning about yourself, unconditional love, and the gifts of feeling connected to your Twin Flame.

Surrender breaks your heart open so that you accept to embrace your journey with the heart space.

Are you ready to embrace unconditional love unconditionally? 🙂

I wish you so many blessings and love on your Twin Flame journey!

Stay Blessed!

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