Why am I getting emotional pain inside me whenever I try to deny and cut the connection with my twin flame runner? If he also feels the same pain as me, why doesn’t he contact or deny the connection?

Because Twin Flames are each other’s home — once you find each other, there is no forgetting how you make each other feel and you cannot fake the connection with anyone else no matter who you seem to date.

You know the truth of how your Twin Flame feels for you by looking in their eyes; the bond that you share is undeniable, and you cannot hide how unconditionally love each other no matter how sophisticated your disguising skills are.

There is nowhere else to rest your Soul but only with your Twin Flame and if you have tried to run from the connection before, you already understand that no matter how far you run, it feels like you are living life in circles because everything boils down to how you feel on a daily and how much you think about your Twin Flame.

When you meet your Twin Flame, everything that you do and your daily life rotates around how you feel — you are constantly feeling the energetic merging, and your life keeps changing as you also evolve into the authentic version of yourself.

Nothing can sever the Twin Flame bond but you can accept the situation as it is; embrace every aspect of your new life and focus on feeling more grateful for the blessings of being a Twin Flame.

Your Twin Flame desires you the way you desire them and you are at the center of everything that you do.

Focus on loving yourself the way your Twin Flame loves you and destiny will eventually bring you back together.

You deserve your blessings and all your heart’s deepest desires.

Be happy!

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