How do you come to terms that if you do not reunite with your Twin Flame in this lifetime, you will end up alone without dating anybody else?

I know that it must be a hectic lifestyle for my Twin Flame after he met me — somehow I am so proud of knowing that I affect him in a way that no one else does. How do you know that your Twin Flame loves you?

When we were together, he looked at peace, relaxed and happy; he was very sad when we met initially because life was not going well and I saw how his energy changed when we met.

I could make him laugh, and he told me about his desires and fears freely. It made me happy that he trusts me and feels comfortable when I am with him.

What if you meet your Twin Flame but they are already committed someone else?

I knew by looking in his eyes that I make him happy — You always know how your Twin Flame feels about you when you look in their eyes because you see their soul.

He was single when we met but I knew right then and there that I was the one; all his friends joked about how lucky my Twin Flame is in life with almost everything but love.

I know that he is also struggling to date, and our friends say that he seems to be lonely: Here is how the Twin Flame journey has transformed me and my life.

He called home a month ago and I everybody else was surprised that he was on the phone at 3 am in the country that he is currently living in but I knew that he could not sleep because he was haunted by thoughts of me. After all, I could feel it.

Also, that week was after his birthday and he tends to reach out to me when he is feeling nostalgic, lonely, or extremely happy so I knew that something was going on with him.

The call lasted for 3 hours.

My Twin Flame and I know that soon or later when the time is right, we are going to collide into each other and there will be no more separation.

When you taste Twin Flame love, you relax about everything in life — suddenly all the stress is overcome by the beautiful feelings of love and inner harmony.

I already decided to spend the rest of my life alone if we do not get another chance to be together because I know that life is short and full of surprises. How do you stay happy and hopeful for your Twin Flame journey? These tips helped me to raise my energetic vibration.

Twin Flame love has taught me to bring more peace and happiness in my life because I in the moment and life is simpler than before.

I feel at home already within because of the Twin Flame Oneness that I feel with him.

Stay blessed always!

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