When a twin flame runner finally awakens, how will the chaser twin know there is a shift?

From my experiences there are two distinct ways to know if you are both accepting your Twin Flame experiences; The Shift in energetic vibrations and also your Twin Flame will make physical contact and tell you how much they have grown because of the changes after your encounter. Here are some signs to tell you if your Twin Flame loves you.

You cannot miss the energetic vibrancy — you instantly feel a shift in your energy and you feel positive vibrations inspiring you to keep working on your end of the connection.

Remember that you are constantly communicating with your Twin Flame energetically whether you are listening with your heart or not.

Before your Twin Flame accepts the connection to work on themselves, you always feel a heaviness in your energy and you sometimes feel like the process of energetic merging is being slowed down.

Since the initial Twin Flame encounter triggers an intense and accelerated energetic merging, you constantly channel your Twin Flame’s energy even though you are sleeping and you change from inside out because of the Spiritual Awakening and the Soul merging.

For me, the energetic merging process was destabilized once I felt the energy shift and it triggered a temporary accelerated night of the soul. It felt as if I was mildly awakening with my Twin Flame.

Healing Tips

I started to feel the connection intensifying and if I had any residue of pain from the previous healing phases, I was more inspired to heal further which created a harmonious energetic share until I learned to balance the energy of Oneness within.

When you have both healed energetically, you start to channel constant feelings of endless bliss, inner harmony, and balance. You also stop worrying about how your Twin Flame feels for you because you already an affirmation in your heart and you can also feel endless feelings of unconditional love in your connection.

The second way you will know that your Twin Flame is more accepting of your connection is by reaching out to you after they realize that you are their home no matter where they go.

You meet your Twin Flame in this lifetime not only to Spiritually evolve but you also know right away that they are the love of your life and you would do anything to together no matter how insurmountable the obstacles are.

Meeting a Twin Flame is like finding an oasis in the desert — you feel safe and at peace when you are with them and you are inspired to achieve your wildest dreams because of the unconditional love that you feel for them.

Twin Flame love is the true definition of unconditional love and happiness.

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