How do I know if my TF is running or has gone? I don’t believe I’m getting signals. I had a dream in which I thought he appeared but realized that he didn’t. I do live with hope but maybe I should face facts.

This is a great question — It is very smart of you to worry if you are deluding yourself because in some cases, it is possible for someone to be over a relationship and never return.

That being said, a Twin Flame relationship is very complicated, confusing and it defies the norm of everyday dating; these sure signs can alert you if you are going through a Twin Flame relationship.

If your Twin Flame is running from you, you do not doubt how they feel for you because you feel Oneness with them due to the Cosmic bond that you share.

And, when we say that a Twin Flame is running, it is not because they hate how they feel but rather, the frustration comes from the inability to embrace their feelings because they need time to learn about the new experiences of feeling connected to you and also grow an inner power to heal whatever is making them feel unworthy of unconditional love. What are the gifts of feeling unconditional love?

When you have a Twin Flame, you are asked to feel empathy and be more understanding because they feel you as much as you feel them and you both desire to be merged — the Soul craves the Oneness in every form.

You both feel unconditional love for each other no matter how awkward the situation is: Your Twin Flame wishes they did not have issues and emotional baggage so that they are free to love you as they desire.

The runner Twin Flame experiences different phases of grief for them to heal: Here are some of the Fears and emotional blockages that a Twin Flame runner has.

It is very easy to move on from any relationship but it feels impossible to forget a Twin Flame because of the Soul Intimacy that you share: You involuntarily think of them incessantly and you feel happy when you feel their energy merging with yours. How do you handle the situation if your Twin Flame is married but their karmic partner is still in love with them?

Twin Flame love is not an everyday romance — it heals you, uplifts, and frees your Soul. You feel fearless and your life feels meaningful.

Your Twin Flame makes your Soul sing and you feel safe with them because they are your home.

No matter what happens between you, unconditional love is always feeling beautiful and your heart smiles every time you think of them even though you are having the worst day of your life.

When you learn to feel the Twin Flame connection from your heart, you realize that you do not have to worry about where or who your Twin Flame is with because you already took over their Soul and you feel the Oneness within you.

Focus on creating a meaningful life and accumulate more happiness in your life. Whether your Twin Flame loves you or not, you deserve to feel happy, free, and peaceful.

Love yourself!

Stay Blessed!

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