How do you prepare yourself for a physical reunion with your Twin Flame?

What are Twin Flame Obstacles?

When I met my Twin Flame, I was married and I had to change my life completely. This is how I did it.

Do not let yourself feel like you will be stuck in a physical separation forever because even though the Twin Flame journey is divinely guided, you always know if you are moving in the right direction of reuniting with your beloved soon or later.

When you have hope that you will eventually achieve your heart’s deepest desires, the journey gets easier to travel because you have faith that you will eventually arrive — having hope is better than doubting the Twin Flame journey because you find ways to manage the tough physical separation phase.

I now know that the roadblocks that you face along your Twin Flame journey exist to be moved, and in the process of finding solutions to your problems, you not only learn lessons of love during the process, you also change, grow and evolve into your authentic self.

How do you prepare yourself for a physical reunion with your Twin Flame? Here are some Twin Flame journey fun facts!

  • Begin with the end in mind:

If you deeply desire to be with your Twin Flame in a relationship, there are certain questions that you need to ask yourself:

“What kind of relationship partner are you? Do you have any emotional pain and baggage that will get in the way of being happy with your Twin Flame? Are you ready to live forever with your Twin Flame without being triggered into running or chasing each other? Will bring more happiness and joy into your Twin Flame’s life or vice versa? What kind of family would you like to create together if it is what you desire, and where will you live?

When you ask yourself the tough questions about your heart’s desires, you will understand if the Twin Flame journey is worth it or not, and if you believe in your connection you choose to work graciously towards a happy reunion or keep running. What is the running and chasing phases of the Twin Flame journey?

  • Create meaningful goals that align with your Twin Flame reunion:

Even though you feel frustrated that you are not with your Twin Flame, you still have to function in the 3D world. You will have to carry on with your daily routines whether your energy is up to the tasks or not.

I also learned that once you meet your Twin Flame, everything about yourself and the world around you chases because you start to vibrate energetically at a higher frequency than before.

For you to enjoy the process of reuniting with your Twin Flame, you can channel your new energetic vibration into activities and projects that not only bring you joy but directly thrust you in the direction of a reunion. These daily positive affirmations can help uplift your energetic vibration.

For example; You can create goals to improve yourself both inside out so that you feel confident when you are in the presence of your Twin Flame.

For you to enjoy being in the presence of your Twin Flame without worrying if they prefer to be with someone else, you must feel safe, comfortable, and happy in your skin. This is one of the reasons why it is important to love yourself first because Twin Flame love can trigger your insecurities.

Here are some self-love tips if you are a beginner

  • Lastly, you have to believe in your Twin Flame journey:

If you desperately desire to be with your Twin Flame in the physical, do you believe it wholeheartedly or is it lust that is creating the longing?

Are you willing to work religiously to improve yourself, and become the authentic version of yourself that your Twin Flame loves, or are you just sitting in a dark corner sulking and blaming your Twin Flame for your feelings?

Do you easily give up on yourself when the going gets tough especially when you feel the negative energy? For you to find inner balance and healing, here is how to find inner union.

Think about how well you utilize the new Twin Flame energetic vibration and how much you acknowledge your experiences.

The Twin Flame journey is not a smooth one but you can find your ways of milking happiness in every situation of your life by channeling the connection and unconditional love that you feel for your Twin Flame.

A Twin Flame Union is triggered right at the beginning of the initial encounter when you feel the energetic merging and once Oneness is achieved, you begin to operate as a single energetic unit with your Twin Flame. Are you new to the Twin Flame journey? Here is a Twin Flame Awakening Guide.

Different signs will show you how ready you are to reunite with your Twin Flame in the physical after a separation and you will also know that your divine partner is ready as well.

You will feel healed, ready and authentic; there are no shortcuts around healing and if you feel pain within you, you will feel uncomfortable when you think of seeing your Twin Flame again which will push you to hide from them.

When you find healing and inner peace, you get to understand that all the love lessons and the invigorating energetic cleansing processes were for your happiness.

Stay Blessed!

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