What is the one way to stay Positive with high energetic vibrations when your mind goes in disbelief of how special you are to feel the Twin Flame Connection especially when your heart and mind conflict with each other during separation?

Also, the Twin Flame journey is not about knowing how your Twin Flame feels for you but rather, it is about you know how happy you make your Twin Flame.

Every time I look at my Twin Flame, I smile because he is happy with how I make me feel. We always end up creating positive vibrations and we heal each other’s pain by doing acts of kindness to each other.

We are so empathetic with each other that we end up anticipating each other’s needs; meeting a Twin Flame is like meeting a Forever best friend tethered to your Soul.

I miss my Twin especially because I crave the peace and bliss we bring to each other —— finally my Soul said; “Yes, I am Home!”

We always whispered to each other; Thank you for being here! Thank you for being you!

You are love bound with your Twin Flame. and it is the reason why you must keep your energy positive and in high vibrations because it affects your Twin Flame as well whether you are together or separated physically.

Always remember how happy, energetically vibrant, and free you make your Twin Flame.

When you get low in energy and doubtful of your Twin Flame’s love, just focus on knowing that you are the best thing that ever happened to them and they appreciate feeling happy because of meeting you.

Your Twin Flame misses you because of how you accept and acknowledge their love.

Stay Blessed!

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