Do Twin Flame runners also claim that they have met someone new to create distance?

If they are your True Twin Flame, they feel you the way you feel them and no matter the obstacles that are standing in your way, your Twin Flame will not push you away because love is love.

I always advise fellow Twin Flames not to delude themselves trying to force a connection with someone who does not acknowledge you the way you do: These simple signs can tell you if you are going through the right Twin Flame Journey or not!

Over the prolonged phase of our physical separation, I know that my Twin Flame has been dating other women and there is nothing I can do about it the way he could not help it when I was married.

But once I dissolved my marriage and freed myself, I told him that I have been celibate after I found him and this completely changed our separation dynamic.

Also, we both respect each other very much and we would never use other people to bring more pain in our lives.

For my Twin Flame, we are always protecting each other, we talk to each other honestly and we always make sure that we bring more love and happiness in each other’s lives than hurt.

Just know that after your Twin Flame separates from you, life changes for them the way it changes for you and the encounter also changes how they relate and date other people — you have to let them go so that they can find out if they truly love you or not.

You have to let your Twin Flame understand their part of the connection from their perspective.

Stay Blessed!

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