For those who believe in twin flames, how do you know it isn’t just wishful thinking?

I believe that I am a Twin Flame. After all, it is not something that I would have wished to happen to me when it did because I was surprised, shocked, and frustrated at the same time. After all, the timing of our meeting was wrong.

Even though we both acknowledged the special bond that I share with him, we did not know what to do next or how to proceed with our friendship because the situation was awkward since I was also resolving issues with my marriage. Here is how I managed to deal with my Karmic Situation to move on with my Twin Flame journey.

I thought that my life would stabilize if I blocked him out of my life and I told him about how overwhelmed I was — he said that it was best for everybody if we did not talk to each other.

Even though I have not seen him in 3 years, the connection with him is purer and stronger than the initial encounter; I think of him every second of the day and I see his eyes when I close mine.

Apart from the sacred bond that we share, after meeting my Twin Flame, my life transformed for the best — I first went through phases of energetic cleansing like the night of the soul which were very challenging since I was new to the Spiritual Awakening but I eventually got a hang of it.

Once I learned to embrace the new changes in my life and the spiritual awakening, I start to grow happiness that started from within me and it inspired me to accumulate more happiness in my life and I also found a life-purpose.

Even though I was not physically together with my Twin Flame, the connection and unconditional love that we both mirror each other inspired me to create a meaningful life full of love and meaning: Indeed the Twin Flame physical separation has been a blessing i disguise because I am now happier than before I met my Twin Flame, and these simple tips helped me to heal and recover.

Book Pick for you!

When I was new to this Twin Flame journey, I was very naive about how the journey goes and my Twin Flame was not talking to me yet I could not stop the love connection that I was feeling within.

The Twin Flame Journey

Most of all, the Twin Flame journey has taught me how to love myself without needing outside validation or my Twin Flame to show me, love. I feel empowered within because I learned to embrace every broken piece within me and I also faced my inner-child and healed with love.

Of course, someday when the time is right for both of us to be together again, I know that we shall have a very happy life because unconditional love is very beautiful.

All I know is that I met my Twin Flame in this lifetime so that we can show and teach each other love, and I believe that as time progresses, we are both preparing ourselves for our forever.

How do you know if your Twin Flame runner loves you unconditionally?

So much I can tell you!

I wish you sucess, abundance and happiness on your Journey.

Stay Blessed!

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