How do you communicate with a Twin Flame during separation?

The easiest way is to physically keep in touch as you progress on your journey if it is what you both want but the situation gets challenging if you are physically separated by either geographically or if you have obstacles that make it difficult to keep in touch. Here is how you can clear the path by overcoming obstacles for a harmonious Reunion with your Twin Flame.

Sometimes your Twin Flame can ask you to leave them alone for many reasons but it does not stop you from reaching out to them when the situation is unavoidable.

Over the past three years, I have had the most estranged form of communication with my Twin Flame but I always reached out to him when I could not control the urges, and sometimes he would also reach out by calling our mutual friends to get updates about my wellbeing.

No matter the obstacles that are standing in the way of your relationship, the unconditional love that your Twin Flame feels for you does not fade and it only intensified over a prolonged phase of physical separation: Are you asking any of these questions about being a Twin Flame runner?

Just know that you are always loved by your Twin Flame no matter how odd you feel or weird the situation is.

The other form of communication that naturally comes with the Twin Flame shared energy is telepathic communication.

You have a unique energetic communication with your Twin Flame that you do not need words to express how you feel.

You can learn to embrace telepathic communication by listening to your energy and also using your heart space to send and receive feelings of love from a Twin Flame.

You can start by embracing meditation and learning to quiet the noise in your mind so that you can feel your Twin Flame connection with an open heart: Here are is a Starter Guide for Energy Healing Practices as you Surrender to Self-love.

Trust yourself when you reach out to your divine partner and always spread love and remind them how special they are to you.

I wish you healing, recovery and success on your Journey!

Be blessed!

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