What can I do to regain my energy when my twin runner is always in my mind? I am trying to be fine but I feel lost every minute. How can I feel sane and stop this pain from consuming me?

I learned that when you feel lost and helpless, it is because you need to ground yourself from within — you have to learn to embrace the connection with your heart instead of your mind.

Thinking of a Twin Flame does not stop and all that matters is how ready you are to keep a happy life while you experience the Twin Flame connection. Here is a starter Guide if you are new to the Twin Flame journey.

Instead of focusing on physically reuniting with your Twin Flame, you have to trust that your connection only gets purer and better and therefore nothing can change the good feelings of unconditional love that you feel or sever the bond.

But that being said, you have to also acknowledge that you have to function in the normal physical world, maybe people are relying on you and also you have to enjoy your life even though you think of your Twin Flame.

You deserve a life full of love and happiness. Here are more ways you can accumulate positive energy and more happiness into your life: Daily Positive Affirmations.

Feeling lost as a Twin Flame is normal and sometimes you feel restless, powerless, and frustrated because you cannot stop the incessant thoughts.

When I was new to this Twin Flame journey, I was very naive about how the journey goes and my Twin Flame was not talking to me yet I could not stop the love connection that I was feeling within.

You must learn how to accumulate happiness in your life and I know everybody says that you must learn to love yourself unconditionally but it is true. This is how I started to embark on the transformational Journey of Self-love.

You have so much love within you; you must learn to share it with yourself before you share it with anyone.

The most difficult step when it comes to self-love is the beginning but once you lean into it, you start to love yourself more and it does not stop because you feel better every time you take care of you.

Happiness Inspirations

You are your Twin Flame and the love that you are desperately wanting to give to them is the same love that will fill you up — the more you love yourself, you feel like you are loving your Twin Flame in return.

My Twin Flame journey has been such a beautiful gift that I am so grateful for every experience that I have been through. Do you know about the Blessings of Twin Flame love?

The Twin Flame journey gets easier and more interesting once you understand how to unlock your blessings.

Silvia Moon

Stay Blessed!

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