Can any runner Twin Flame comment on how things went wrong in their lives after meeting their beloved?

I thought that my life was going on well before I met my Twin Flame; I had a thriving business and a very good reputation in my field of work. My job was taking me places all over the world and I believed in the future as an entrepreneur.

So much change took over my life and things got worse before they got better. Here are some tips that helped me to manage the difficult physical separation phase.

But, once I met my Twin Flame, I knew in my gut that my life was about to change forever because I woke up to my life situation. Meeting him empowered me to have a fresh perspective at my life and I started to change anything that was not authentic about myself and my physical life.

Our encounter was brief, and we had to separate since we live on different continents but I could not understand the overwhelming feeling that he had woken within me.

I could not stop thinking of him daily, and I was exhausted from the emotional desolation of being away from him.

Once we were physically separated, I blocked him out of my life because I wanted some space to understand the awakening that I was going through. Why do Twin Flames Separate?

My life changed trajectory and I also went through a series of uncontrollable changes, I had to divorce, changed my work situation, and completely dissolve my business.

I changed my friends, my social circles, and family relations — I freed myself of anything or anyone that did not align with my new Twin Flame energetic vibration. What are some of the obstacles to expect on your Journey?

I am the happiest that I have ever been in life and I love the place that I am emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.

Stay Blessed!

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