During a twin flame journey, can the divine feminine become the divine masculine at some point?

Twin Flame Oneness

You are love bound with your Twin Flame. and it is the reason why you must keep your energy positive and in high vibrations because it affects your Twin Flame as well whether you are together or separated physically.

The Twin Flame Journey

I am not a Spiritualist but I can tell you from my honest personal experience how the energetic dynamic works between me and my Twin Flame.

For me, I used to alternate between the divine masculine and feminine energy; and it took me a while to find inner balance. This is how I have experienced the Twin Flame journey so far!

Before I met my Twin Flame, I was always living life as a divine masculine; I was always in control of everything and I acted tough and indestructible — this is because of the way I was raised. I was not used to showing vulnerability or emotions because it was a sign of weakness. I was used to taking care of others but I ignored my emotional needs and desires.

Twin Flame Union

When I met my Twin Flame, the encounter unlocked the divine feminine energy and suddenly I felt feminine, vulnerable, and gentle — I said to him one day; “You make me feel like a natural woman.”

After experiencing the feminine energy, it is all I wanted to feel because I was myself and natural but I could not deny that I had an aspect of myself that thrives in the masculine energy.

After the 3 years of being on the Twin Flame journey, I now understand that as a Twin Flame, I am always challenged to find the balance between the masculine energy and all my love lessons since I separated from my Twin Flame has taught me how to accept and embrace the energetic Oneness.

You can have peace and inner harmony as a Twin Flame once you learn to find a balance between the divine masculine and divine feminine energy within you with the shared energy that you have with your Twin Flame because of the Soul Oneness.

Surrender to free your Soul


Every time I look at my Twin Flame, I smile because he is happy with how I make me feel. We always end up creating positive vibrations and we heal each other’s pain by doing acts of kindness to each other. 


I hope that my perspective helps you.

Stay Blessed!

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