What does a Twin Flame runner feel when they deny the connection?

Runner Pain

You cannot escape the emotional desolations that you feel when you try to move on from them because you feel their love connection to you all the time!

A Twin Flame runner does not always deny the connection per se even though it seems that way most times, they crave to be close to the divine partner.

When you start to listen to your heart and use your heart space to feel the Twin Flame Connection, you feel the intensity of the Soul intimacy that you share.

I ran from my Twin Flame first because I had fears that were rooted deep within but it did not stop the connection to him; the running behaviors escalated the frustration of feeling the emotional pain and I went through the different stages of grief to overcome the soul shock of realizing that I will always feel the bond and my energy will always merge with his. Does the runner Twin Flame miss you as much as you miss them?

Twin Flames vs Karmic Partners

When you meet your Twin Flame, it doesn’t matter if they are committed to someone or not; the magnet feelings of your connection to them grow more intense once you encounter each other and all you desire is to merge with them in every possible way.

Twin Flame Obstacles

I realized that as a Twin Flame runner, I was putting up an inner resistance to feel the energetic oneness and unconditional love for my Twin Flame.

You have to look within yourself and face your pain because Twin Flame love does not settle in very well if you have fears buried within you or inner demons and you don’t have a choice but to purge whatever is making you feel uneasy. Here are some Self-love beginner tips.

I went through a phase of grieving my soul and every day came with a wave of energetic share with my Twin Flame.

I learned to open my heart to accept the Twin Flame experiences and all the emotional chaos that came with it.

Chaser Healing

Apart from my fears and insecurities, everything about the Twin Flame encounter felt right but we both had issues in our life situations to deal with even though we did not want to separate, he had to go back to his home.

We both knew that the timing was off: This is how I moved the Obstacles so that I can reunite with my Twin Flame.

But, as time progresses I have been learning so many love lessons and I have learned to change different aspects of my life.

I have learned that change is the only constant on the Twin Flame journey and it is uncontrollable.

I love my Twin Flame is my solace.

The Twin Flame Journey

Book Picks for you!

When you meet your Twin Flame and you both acknowledge each other, reality changes perspective and you feel like to can achieve your wildest dreams.

The Twin Flame Love

Stay Blessed!

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