When did you reach full union with your soulmate or true twin flame? When did you guys become one? This is for the ones who are married to their union partner.

Well, from my understanding, there are two aspects of the Twin Flame journey that are important to know: The physical Union which is a relationship, friendship or marriage, and the Energetic Union which is Inner Oneness.

The physical Union is when you work hard to prepare for a harmonious physical reunion after moving the obstacles that are in the way forbidding you to be together.

Some natural obstacles like geographical distance need you to be patient so that that you can overcome them and sometimes you have to both prepare your lives to compromise by relocating to be together.

In my case, I had to dissolve my Karmic ties by dissolving my marriage but I am not physically reunited with my Twin Flame because of the lockdown since we live on different continents.

When it comes to energetic Union, Twin Flames are already one in the soul so there has never been a separation between you and your Twin Flame even though you are physically apart.

The initial Twin Flame encounter triggers the energetic merging with your Twin Flame — you start to feel the energy share which is a very emotionally explosive experience because it takes a few Soul lessons to understand how to balance both your energy within.

This happens when you meet your Twin Flame for the first time: Signs of a true Twin Flame.

For you to feel the inner Union, you must feel inner harmony and in Oneness energetically with your Twin Flame.

Healing & Recovery

Stay blessed!

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