Is it possible for two Twin Flames to skip all the running/chasing dynamics, skip the separation phase, and just be together happily?

You never know how much you love someone until you lose them — this is unfortunate but true.

No matter how much I love my Twin Flame unconditionally, there were certain behaviors that he had that would trigger me to feel overwhelmed. Sometimes I would secretly feel infuriated because of feeling the overwhelming feels.

When I was a Twin Flame Runner; I went through different phases of healing and Awakening; This is how my Awakening experience was like.

I have come to appreciate the separation phase because we would have torn each other apart with the intense feelings of love but also we would have blown holes into each other because of the unhealed wounds we both had from the past lives.

There was so much for us to learn about each other and ourselves especially because the encounter was very mind-blowing, intense, and surprising. After all, we did not expect to meet each other when we did.

I believe that physical separation from a Twin Flame is insignificant because you rediscover yourself during the process of reuniting again with your Twin Flame. How do you know that you are going through a Twin Flame Journey or not? Here are the Signs.

Physical separation also tests your love for your Twin Flame and it teaches you to be patient. You also learn to trust your inner knowing and the connection because the truth comes to light.

When you first enter the phase of the separation, you worry that you would never be together again but you must trust how you feel because your Twin Flame will not forget you the way you are unsuccessful at forgetting them. From my experiences being on the Twin Flame journey for 3 years, I learned that there are 6 distinct stages of Twin Flame love.

Love yourself as much as your Twin Flame loves you and believe that you deserve unconditional love — you deserve happiness and eternal bliss.

Surrender to Free Yourself

The more you work on dissolving pain from your life, you realize that it is for your wellbeing to feel free of fear, pain, insecurity, and worry.

Self-love for beginners

Stay Blessed!

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