What are the characteristics of a Twin Flame runner?

After being on the Twin Flame journey for 3 years and I was the runner.

First off, in my opinion, the runner loves the most — hands down!

But, what brings the friction and the frustration of feeling loved by another unconditionally is the fear of vulnerability and losing the love of your life once they get to know your pain — the runner feels insecure and uncomfortable to show the soft, gentle and vulnerable side to them because it is a form of putting your guard down.

A Twin Flame love disarms you and leaves you feeling vulnerable and naked to your divine partner.

If you are not used to feeling loved unconditionally, you get afraid of feeling loved by your Twin Flame because they are the best thing that ever happened to you.

The Twin Flame encounter is rare — I didn’t know that Twin Flames existed until he found me; every day after I met him has been about him — if I’m not thinking of him, I am worried that he will forget about me but my Soul scorns me every time I feel negative about my experiences.

Sometimes I wish he never found me because now I know that he exists and I cannot dismiss him yet I cannot control life and have everything that I need like having a harmonious relationship with him.

Every inch of me aches for him — every day — I feel like half of myself is missing and there is nothing I can do about it!

I spoke to my Twin Flame ago but I still feel scared and overwhelmed to see him yet I crave his presence.

I know that that he is looking for my love in many other things – at least that is what I learned since he has kept in touch all these years and I know that his love for me has not changed as much as my love for him.

No matter how estranged the relationship between my Twin Flame and I has been, I always tell him the truth of my heart and I know that he understands because he acknowledges my love for him and he appreciates me for being my authentic self.

He is more mature, emotionally grounded, and more forward-looking than I am.

My Twin Flame grounds me like an anchor.

Even though I ran from my Twin Flame, I told him that I love him; this is what I sad!

“I want you unconditionally but please don’t say that you want me back because I feel so overwhelmed. I am great at running away, and I will do that!”

I realized that running away is the most horrible way to run from the one you love unconditionally.

I wish you more Blessings and Love on your Twin Flame Journey!

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