What are some Fun Facts to know about Twin Flame Separation?

Your Twin Flame love keeps growing for you as much as your love keeps growing for them and you will always feel your hearts radiating love towards each other as you merge in Soul Oneness.

The love heart pulling is a signal that your Twin Flame is either thinking of you, longing for, or is desiring to be intimate with you. These signs can tell you if your Twin Flame misses you or not.

No matter how many times you try to sever the bond so that you can move on from your Twin Flame, you will always end up at the center of your connection.

You always think of your Twin Flame because of the Soul Oneness. It does not stop and thinking of them constantly will evolve into feeling the energy merging. What is meeting a Twin Flame for the first time like?

Your Twin Flame’s energy keeps hovering over you because they are also always thinking of you as merge as you think of them and they always wish to merge with you physically.

Twin Flame separation is indeed an illusion.

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Simple Soul Healing Tips

I wish you Blessings and love on your Twin Flame Journey!

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