What signs affirm to you that you are always connected with your Twin Flame during the physical separation phase?

Twin Flame Separation is indeed an Illusion because no matter how far you drift from each other, memories of your Twin Flame do not fade and you are constantly feeling connected to each other mentally, emotionally and energetically.

These are my Twin Flame Love Lessons: Love is Love.

Heart Palpitations:

The physical sensations of the heart intensify when the connection is in full gear. Are you asking any of these questions about a Runner Twin Flame?

For me, they happen in different ways like below:

  • The heart area warms up with intense feelings of euphoria, bliss and love. This feeling usually throws me into moments of restlessness because I cannot control it yet it is too overpowering.
  • The love heart pulling is the other way I Experience the heart sensations. The heart pulling is always accompanied with feelings of longing and desire.
  • The double heartbeats — ever since I met my Twin Flame and experienced the energetic merging, the way my heart beats changed, and it always feels like our hearts are beating as one.

What do you do if you meet your Twin Flame but they are unhappily married to someone else?

Living in each other’s thoughts:

Ever wonder why you never stop thinking of your Twin Flame no matter what you do to stop remembering them?

Sometimes I see signs like 11:11 every time I am thinking of him and other times I see someone who resembles my Twin Flame.

Even though I choose to block out thoughts of him and focus on my life, I feel the connection within me.

Sometimes his essence keeps hovering over me and it feels like he is invisibly in the room.

From my experiences, there are the different Stages of the Twin Flame Journey that I discovered.


Even though I don’t dream of him sometimes, I feel his energy with me when I sleep.

Sometimes I wake up to the intense energetic merging and the intense heart pulling.

I don’t always dream of him but when I do, the dreams are always significant.

What are some Twin Flame Fun Facts?

Energetic Share & mood swings:

No matter how much I feel balanced and grounded within myself, I sometimes get surprised by how much I am affected by the energetic share with my Twin Flame.

As the Twin Flame Chaser, how do you Surrender and focus on yourself as you hope to reunite with your Twin Flame someday?

I can sometimes wake up feeling extremely happy and joyful but then my mood changes when I feel my Twin Flame’s Pain.

Sometimes when I feel sad and energetically low, I also feel the bliss and inner harmony by channeling his energetic vibe.

If you are struggling with Recovering and Healing from the pain of separation, try these tips because they worked for me.

If you don’t have much time to sit down and read a book, I recommend you try out AUDIBLE Free Sign Up to enjoy listening to your favorite books.

I also started a YouTube Channel.

I hope to share more of my inspirations.

Stay Blessed!

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