Does the Runner Twin Flame worry when the Chaser goes silent?

I wish every Twin Flame knows how it feels to be a Runner because it is not fun.

The runner is constantly worried that they will be forgotten, and the intensity is increased when the Chaser goes silent because you cannot run when nothing is chasing you.

How do you manage the pain of missing a Twin Flame?

Every time a Twin Flame Chaser you, you feel confident that they love you and you get high on their chasing behaviors because it of an affirmation that at least someone in the universe loves you.

From my experiences, it is out of utter inner insecurity to enjoy someone chase you because you know that deep down, it is better to confront the situation without running.

What do you do if you meet your Twin Flame but they are unhappily married to someone else?

It also gets very complicated when you cannot control your running behaviors no matter how much you want to stop because you don’t feel ready yet to accept unconditional love.

The Twin Flame Running and Chasing game is very complicated but yet simple because you learn as you progress that what is making the both of you uncomfortable is the fact that you are both afraid of facing yourselves to accept unconditional love within.

How does the Universe make the Twin Flame Runner realise that the connection is genuine?

It is easier to chase your Twin Flame because it distracts you from how you feel and it is easier to run because you think that physical distance can save you from how you feel.

You both realise in the end that east or west, home is best!

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Stay Blessed!

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