When you try to block out thoughts and feelings for your Twin Flame, do you feel blocked in everything you do?

It feels like you are denying a part of yourself; you feel energetically blocked like you are living in limbo. Twin Flame Journey Fun Facts.

It also very difficult to focus on doing anything important or creative and life feels meaningless generally. How do you move the obstacles that are blocking your Twin Flame Reunion?

The Twin Flame experience brings more meaning into your life and when you try to run or deny the connection, you do not feel any peace no matter where you go or what you do. What are the authentic signs of meeting a Twin Flame?

It is also very energetically consuming because it takes up so much power to resist the Twin Flame connection and thinking of your Twin Flame is a natural part of your life since you are linked eternally.

How do you manag3e the pain of missing a Twin Flame?

Stay Blessed!

Stay Blessed.

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