What do you do when you terribly miss your Twin Flame, and you feel helpless and lost without them during the physical separation phase?

Missing a Twin Flame does not stop and feelings of restlessness, and helplessness consume you on a daily like you are living in limbo. These are the Twin Flame Love Lessons that I have learned so far on my Twin Flame Journey.

No matter what you do to escape the Twin Flame connection, you cannot escape the incessant thoughts of them and you are always compelled to remember your Twin Flame because you feel happy especially when you feel lonely.

Dating other people after you meet your Twin Flame is very hectic and you always feel like you are cheating if you finally try to settle with someone new.

Meeting a Twin Flame feels like a curse sometimes.

Sometimes you wish that you never met them at all.

I have learned to embrace myself with positive mental affirmations every time I feel helpless or lost.

These mental affirmations make me feel more positive towards any goals that I am pursuing, and I always feel like I am living life moment to moment which makes me feel more alive other than feeling helpless.

  1. I BELIEVE in my Blessings.
  2. I DESERVE my Blessings.
  3. I am ALWAYS ready for my Blessings.
  4. I ACCEPT my Blessings.

You will not believe how much these simple mental affirmations have changed my life by keeping me hopeful in any moment.

All that you need is hope; Just feeling positive about the future and also believing that things will eventually be alright and work out your way keeps you going forward.

Just have faith and keep moving forward with your life.

Stay Blessed.

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