Twin Flame Love Letter 2


The Unsent Love Letters to my Twin Flame

I know that we both understand how we feel for each other, and I know that you are so scared to confront this but so am I.

I feel very overwhelmed to accept these intense feelings for you and I feel crazy because my mind cannot understand why I love you so deeply.

You walked into my life without warning, and you took over my Soul as if you always belonged there.

This bond that we share feels eternal, and I know it in my Soul that this is just the beginning of our forever.

I feel like I know you from a past life as if we have been best friends, lovers, and guardians of each other lifetimes ago.

The first time I met you, I felt a familiar feeling about you as if we were reconnecting — it felt as if we were meant to meet when we did.

It was the most surprising experience finding you, and up to this date, I still pinch myself just to know that I am not dreaming.

I keep wondering to myself if you are real; I never expected to find great love in you and I never expected to lose you that quickly as I did.

You were like a flash of unconditional love that shone on me and quickly disappeared without warning.

Do you remember the first time we looked in each other’s eyes? — I remember that moment every day since I found you and that was the affirmation to me that you are the one.

The way you look at me mesmerizes me because you never want to look away.

I love how I am very intoxicating to you; you find me very irresistible and you always tell me how you feel.

How we met was very awkward, and the timing was wrong I know but it did not stop us from acknowledging the connection.

Sometimes meeting you feels like the most beautiful curse because we cannot be together yet we feel how we feel for each other.

Stay Blessed!

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